Guillaume Filion's PGP/GPG Keys

Since September 23rd, 2002, I have two PGP/GPG keys:

A key that expires every five years
This key will expire on 2011-01-05, it is made according to my new contact data and new openPGP protocols. The use of this key is recommended. Here's this key's fingerprint: 73DB E0A8 B8C2 F945 89FF B656 0900 0B52 AA7C 9210
A key that never expires
I created this key in February 1999. It can be used to validate my identify. This key will always be active. Here's this key's fingerprint: 14A6 720A F7BA 6C87 2331 33FD 467E 9198 3DED D5CA

You can download both keys on this site.

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