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Thoughts about the Personally Encrypted IMAP Storage proposal

When reading the Personally Encrypted IMAP Storage proposal, a couple of things came to my mind.

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I just ditched for Postbox

I finally had enough of enduring odd behavior.
I host my own IMAP server at home and I keep every email I ever received since 2002. My INBOX has ~43 000 messages in it and I have almost 200 000 messages from various mailing lists I subscribe to. In total, I have 10GB of email.
Without a doubt, isn’t able to handle that. I decided to look for something better.

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Firefox History URL Auto-Completion

Damn, this URL Auto-Completion based on visit history in FireFox makes me look like some sick pervert…

I love EC2 and RightScale!

Monday morning, one of our web sites got infected by a javascript virus that spreads through SQL Injection. I don’t work on mondays (good life) so I wasn’t there to see the chaos but I eared that it was quite bad: customers complaining that our web site infected them for example.

The people working that day took the server offline, restored the infected DB from a clean backup and all was good (temporarily).

I got a couple phone calls, we talked about installing a reverse proxy to catch these kinds of attacks. It would take a few days to set this up.

They looked for the piece of code where the injection occurred, but missed one (or many) because the day after the server got infected again.

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Oh my God, I’m installing Debian inside a Virtual PC using VNC inside Windows Remote Desktop from my PowerBook G4. Geez, I wonder why it’s so slow…

Yes we can


It was a creed written into the founding documents
that declared the destiny of a nation.
Yes we can.

It was whispered by slaves and abolitionists
as they blazed a trail toward freedom.
Yes we can.

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Al Jazeera on Afghanistan

For the last days, Al Jazeera has been producing some fascinating reports on many facets of the Afghan life. They are all hosted by YouTube.

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Why I hate every program made by ISC

I’m playing with ntpd/ntpdc these days and when reading the docs for ntpdc, I was comforted in my prejudice against every program made by ISC:

Authenticated requests always include a timestamp in the packet data, which is included in the computation of the authentication code. This timestamp is compared by the server to its receive time stamp. If they differ by more than a small amount the request is rejected. This is done for two reasons. [...] Second, it makes it more difficult to request configuration changes to your server from topologically remote hosts. While the reconfiguration facility will work well with a server on the local host, and may work adequately between time-synchronized hosts on the same LAN, it will work very poorly for more distant hosts.


A Special Christmas Box from SNL

The Digital Short from last Saturday Night Live was so funny, it brought tears in my eyes. A must see.

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8 ways to help Africa

The Québécois Libre has an interesting article about ways to help Africa:
“I believe most human beings do want to help those in need, but not always the same people, in perpetuity, under any circumstances. We want to help people to become self-sufficient, so that they can then pass it on.”
Read the article on the Québécois Libre’s site.