I just ditched Mail.app for Postbox

I finally had enough of enduring Mail.app odd behavior.
I host my own IMAP server at home and I keep every email I ever received since 2002. My INBOX has ~43 000 messages in it and I have almost 200 000 messages from various mailing lists I subscribe to. In total, I have 10GB of email.
Without a doubt, Mail.app isn’t able to handle that. I decided to look for something better.

On my Mac Mini at home, Mail.app would often start spinning the beach ball for several minutes indexing who knows what and basically be useless until it deemed okay for me to continue reading my emails. I also have an old PowerBook G4 12′ on which Mail.app would take between five and twenty minutes just to start!
After searching Google for an alternative, I found some discussion about a new program called Postbox. It’s commercial software based on Mozilla, so I wasn’t really keen to buy it because of all the free alternatives, but there was a 30 days tryout, so I gave it a try.
Oh the speed! On my PowerBook, Postbox takes between thirty seconds and one minute to start and about one second to load an email. It’s night and day compared to ol’ Mail.app. On my Mac Mini, well let’s just say it’s blazing fast!
It has other nice features like conversation view which is really well made, but the speed is really the deal breaker for me. I didn’t had the intention to buy it at first but after three weeks of use, I can’t imagine going back to Mail.app. It’s been a while since I actually bought a piece of software, but this one is really worth it.
The normal price is 39$ but I only paid 29$ because I used a discount code R7FERKN to save $10.

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