Monthly Archives: December 2006

Why I hate every program made by ISC

I’m playing with ntpd/ntpdc these days and when reading the docs for ntpdc, I was comforted in my prejudice against every program made by ISC:

Authenticated requests always include a timestamp in the packet data, which is included in the computation of the authentication code. This timestamp is compared by the server to its receive time stamp. If they differ by more than a small amount the request is rejected. This is done for two reasons. [...] Second, it makes it more difficult to request configuration changes to your server from topologically remote hosts. While the reconfiguration facility will work well with a server on the local host, and may work adequately between time-synchronized hosts on the same LAN, it will work very poorly for more distant hosts.


A Special Christmas Box from SNL

The Digital Short from last Saturday Night Live was so funny, it brought tears in my eyes. A must see.

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