Monthly Archives: February 2006

Simple query_string based http accelerator for a dynamic web page

A particular web site is serving pretty fancy statistics using SQL queries generated on the fly by an ASP page. The ASP page is receiving parameters using GET parameters. As the site is getting more popular, the load of the SQL server is rising, and the time needed to execute one big SQL query is now around 30 seconds.

After an analysis of the requests, I found out that 80% of the requests were for the same three stats — another example of the principle of locality. So I thought of using a reverse caching proxy (http accelerator) to reduce the load on the server. I tried squid and mod_proxy. However, both programs understandably don’t cache the data from pages that are given GET parameters. So I had to make my own solution: Perl to the rescue!

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Cox & Forkum

Les caricaturistes sont à la mode ces temps-ci. Justement, je viens de découvrir deux caricaturistes assez cinglants, Cox & Forkum. Je ne suis pas d’accord avec une bonne partie de leur contenu, mais ça rend la découverte encore plus intéressante.
Aussi, voici un lien vers la première caricature de Ygreck a avoir été censurée par le Journal de Québec. [Blog de Ygreck]

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