Monthly Archives: October 2005

ConnexLink 900 MHz link: PPP

With the slug happily running OpenSlug, it was now time to set up a Serial/PPP link between my linux server (ali) and the slug.
It was one of the first times in about every project that I have done where everything worked on the first try!

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ConnexLink 900 MHz link: NSLU2

The first step that I wanted to do in this project was to see if I could use a NSLU2 to act as a ethernet-serial bridge on the remote side.

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ConnexLink 900 MHz link: Planning

I rediscovered the Aerocomm ConnexLink modems today, I had read about them in the past, but for some reason I didn’t find them interesting. I certainly find them interesting today.

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Postcast de

Cette semaine nous présente un podcast “édition spéciale” avec seulement de la musique métal. Pas mal du tout, c’est une très bonne façon de vous initier au podcasting si vous aimez le métal. Je vous recommande de télécharger iTunes 6, qui vient tout juste d’être publié, pour écouter le podcast.

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