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Temperature regulator for a spa

In the spring of 1996, my father bought a three places spa. Back then, spas were not really known so he bought it for the bargain price of CAN $800. In 2005, it costs about CAN $4000 for a similar model. The only thing that a 2005 version of the spa has that the 1996 version doesn’t is an electronic temperature regulator, it rather has a bimetal thermostat. The bimetal thermostat is very inaccurate and hard to set up, we would usually set it up in the spring and not touch it for the rest of the summer because of how hard it was to set up correctly. This means that we heated the spa 24/7 between May and September when we actually used it for a couple hours a week on average. Also, from the point of view of comfort, when the temperature of the spa was set up to 37°C, it would move from 35°C – too cold – to 39°C – too hot.
In the late 90′s, we contacted the pool and spa shop that sold us the spa to know if it would be possible to buy the thermostat of their newest models to put on our old one. They basically gave us a blank stare, but finally told us that the controller costs CAN $500 and they has no idea if it was going to work. At the time I was in University, and I had lots of electronics courses, so I was confident that I could come up with an home-made solution that would be much more affortable and more flexible. It actually took me quite a while to make it, mainly because of my proverbial laziness, but I finally put it into work in the spring of 2004.

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Michael Jackson

Wow, il en fume du bon — au cas où quelqu’un en doutait! Ce cher Michael Jackson a mis sur son site web une animation qui compare sa victoire en cour à la libération de Nelson Mandela, la chute du mur de Berlin et la naissance de Martin Luther King…
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Feux à Chibougamau

Quelques photos très impressionnantes des feux des derniers jours qui sévissaient aux alentours de Chibougamau.

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