Comment déjouer les frais de courtage d’UPS

Si vous achetez de vendeurs situés aux États-Unis, vous avez surement déjà eu la mauvaise surprise de voir le livreur d’UPS cogner à votre porte et demander une soixantaine de dollars de frais de courtage (quand votre paquet ne vous a coûté qu’une centaine de dollars!)

Cette pratique d’UPS, bien que malhonnête, est légale. En fait, tous les transporteurs qui traversent la frontière doivent effectuer le dédouanage de vos paquets (appelé courtage). Les autres transporteurs chargent de 5$ à 10$ pour effectuer cette tâche, tandis qu’UPS charge près d’une quarantaine de dollars (plus les taxes).

Heureusement, il est possible de déjouer cette pratique, ce n’est pas simple, mais ça fonctionne!

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OBDC connections with perl on 64 bits IIS7

This one is quite confusing… to use perl on IIS7 on a 64 bit machine, you need to install the 32 bit (x86) version of ActivePerl (the 64 bit version won’t work) and follow these instructions.

If you want to connect to a database using ODBC, you can’t use the ODBC manager available in the Start menu since it’s the 64 bits version, you need to use the one hidden in %systemdrive%\Windows\SysWoW64\Odbcad32.exe

Check out the KB 942976 article for the details.

LWP giving Crypt::SSLeay not installed when run as CGI in IIS

This wasn’t terribly easy to find, so hopefully it will help some Googler:

LWP will support https URLs if the Crypt::SSLeay module is installed.

501 Protocol scheme ‘https’ is not supported (Crypt::SSLeay not installed).
it is required that the IIS internet guest account (iusr) has
‘Read and Execute’ permissions set on the Crypt-SSLeay dlls,
namely, ssleay32.dll and libeay32.dll. to set permissions,
locate these files, choose properties from the context menu, and
under the security tab, add the iuser account to the user names menu
with ‘Read and Execute’ permissions checked.


Some fun with SMS from Twilio

My favorite radio station is Radio X2. Many many times, I’m listening to the radio and asking myself “What’s the name of that song?” When I’m near a computer I just look at their What’s playing widget, but most of the times I’m in my car and I can’t access the web…

Then it hit me, why not make a SMS bridge using Twilio?

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Thoughts about the Personally Encrypted IMAP Storage proposal

When reading the Personally Encrypted IMAP Storage proposal, a couple of things came to my mind.

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UTF8 with Perl and Ajax

It took me about three hours to figure out something this simple, so I’m posting this here!

If you’re doing ajax stuff with in perl, you’ll want to exchange your data in UTF8, to do so you need only one special line of code*:

my $json = decode utf8=>$q->param('json');

This will make perl work natively in UTF8 with $json.

If you want to put this (or part of it) in a database, you don’t need to do anything special because the DBD driver will convert your string from UTF8 to the database encoding (UCS-2 in my case).

*Of course, you’ll also need to use Encode;.

I just ditched for Postbox

I finally had enough of enduring odd behavior.
I host my own IMAP server at home and I keep every email I ever received since 2002. My INBOX has ~43 000 messages in it and I have almost 200 000 messages from various mailing lists I subscribe to. In total, I have 10GB of email.
Without a doubt, isn’t able to handle that. I decided to look for something better.

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Le printemps dernier j’ai vu la fille de mes rêves* courir sur le tapis roulant au gym. Mais bon sens, elle courrait à une vitesse telle, je n’avais jamais vu ça. Le gars sur le tapis roulant à côté d’elle s’est arrêté pour la regarder, l’air incrédule.

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I had a dream…

J’ai fais un rêve… Je suis sur mon patio à faire de l’ordinateur quand je vois la plus belle serveuse du StarBar qui est en train de cueillir des champignons sur mon terrain. Je la regarde en me disant que je la vois bien souvent s’adonner à cette activité. Elle m’aperçoit la regardant et se tourne vers moi. Gêné, je plonge le nez dans mon écran.

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Firefox History URL Auto-Completion

Damn, this URL Auto-Completion based on visit history in FireFox makes me look like some sick pervert…